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TATA has launched its first ever EV (Electric Vehicle) with all new TATA Nexon EV. As the normal facelift Nexon comes with updated exterior and interior this Nexon EV also comes with same updated exterior and interior the only change is that this comes with pure electric vehicle.

Let’s talk about the one thing that every person in India talks whenever he thinks or decides to purchase the car is kitna deti hai ( What’s the Mileage) so TATA is claiming that once fully charged this should give you 312 Km though to increase the range you need to recharge it. And to charge this car TATA is providing two types of charging points

  1. For home or personal use which which will charge from 10% to 90% in 8.5 hr
  2. Fast Charging for commercial use which will charge your car from 0% to 80% in 60 min.

The vehicle will come with three trims XZ, XZ Plus, and XZ Plus LUX, and the difference in prices are upto 1.30 lacs from base to mid and 1.70 lacs in mid and top model. Speaking of the features the base model will come with basic features power window, music system, Airbags, etc.

The XZ Plus comes with Automatic climate control with rear AC vents, reverse camera, 8 way driver adjustable seats, anytime running LED lights, a touchscreen display with Android Auto, Apple Car Play and the top model XZ Plus LUX packs some luxury items Sunroof, rain sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, keyless start stop button, etc.

The car comes with mobile compatibility options too you can check your car battery percentage left, remote controls like turning on and off AC, Lock and unlock car, lights, horns, etc ,. Vehicle health like ABS status, Battery health, service status, airbag and battery discharge status,. You also get option like last park location, if anyone tries to force into the car you’ll get notified via app, your driving and trip related analytics. It’s first in segment feature and if you are Tesla fan then you;ll be happy to see this feature on an Indian car.

Well electric is the future they say and no matter in coming 5-10 years we’ll be seeing many electric vehicles to coming in Indian market, the only drawback for now is that the lack of support of Charging station in India. Not every state in India or should I say most of the states in India have nil charging station and one thing which also the issue is that charging cable or connector. With many manufacturer has set their eyes on EV cars the big question will be will they use the same charging cable like phone manufacturers do ( Type C Cable, micro USB 2.0). but for now I’ll say if you want to save the world, and wants to be first to drive the EV in your friend circle and your running is high but not travelling to other cities then you should try this EV.

 Author – Deepak Singh

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