Tata commences delivery of the Indian Army spec of the Safari Storme

Over a year back the Indian Army had mentioned that they wanted to not only replace but also upgrade about 30,000 of their GS 500 (General strength 500 kg) Gypsy. Nissan, Mahindra and Tata Motors were in the race to help serve the Indian Army with the best possible upgrade keeping all the requirements in mind.

Tata emerged as the eventual winner, showcasing and delivering the Safari Storme Indian Army edition. This car will now serve as a GS 800 (General Service 800 kg) vehicle.

Military Green Tata Safari Storme GS800
The Safari Storme GS800 out for delivery ( front view).

Let’s get straight to the features of this car which will help our bravest hearts serve the nation.

The safari gets the original 2.2 litre diesel engine, producing 154 hp and 400 nm of torque. The difference is the significantly upgraded drivetrain and suspension system. 4 wheel drive comes as standard and the 4×4 transfer offers both high and low ratios and shift-on-fly system that can be operated by a rotary knob located near transmission gear level that suits the demands of the Army.

It also comes with a ground clearance of 200mm, underbody protection and air conditioning, which might sound basic, but is an essential upgrade compared to the prior fleet.

side-view green Tata Xeon
One of the other Tata vehicles( Xenon) for other operation done by the Army.

On the cosmetic front there are more changes to ensure people recognise and respect the Army version of the Safari. It gets a matte green paint and absolutely nil chrome to avoid any kind of reflection, even the alloy wheels are painted in matte green. It gets 2 special heavy duty hooks at the back and a jerry can holder on the left rear fender.

Green vehicle back view
Rear view of the GS800.

Blacked out front and rear lamps that project a horizontal light beam. These are mandatory for military vehicles in field use and are used during wartime in order to keep the vehicle as concealed from enemy eyes as possible while driving at night.

Pickup truck in camouflage exterior
The Safari Storme GS800 pick-up truck showcased at the DefExpo 2018 gets a shorter wheelbase than the personnel carrier model, a single cab design while the flat bed at the rear. The flat-bed gets a soft top. The mechanical specifications are similar to the Safari Storme GS800.

It is great to see an Indian SUV serving the bravest of the nation.

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