New Range Rover Sentinel revealed

The armoured version of the Range Rover meant for Special Ops was revealed recently. Land Rover has revealed an updated model of the Range Rover Sentinel.

The all new Range Rover Sentinel
The all new Range Rover Sentinel.

The Sentinel can has been built to withstand IED explosives, bullet and blast attacks, with roof and under floor protection. It has more than one tonne of just armour plating and blast resistant glass.Run-flat wheels allow for 48km of driving at up to 80kph, even if a tyre is damaged.┬áCustom-built by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division.


On the inside, the new Sentinel gets latest Touch Pro Duo touchscreen infotainment system, more headroom and greater cabin space than the outgoing car . The upcoming model includes a rear escape tunnel in the event that the doors become blocked and a public address system lets the car’s occupants communicate with people outside without having to leave the security of the cabin. The front windows can be specified with an optional 150mm maximum drop as well, for document delivery. Emergency lighting and sirens can be added, too.

Interior of the Sentinel

With more power comes more responsibility, or vice versa in this case as this new Sentinel comes with a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 churning 385 hp taking it from 0-100 in 10.4 secs as compared to the older 340 hp supercharged V6 Along with the updates to safety and security is an upgrade to the powerplant. The old 340hp, supercharged V6.

Range Rover Sentinel
Range Rover Sentinel front.

Although an armoured vehicle meant for VIP Ops , it still retains it’s off road capabilities of the standard Range Rover, with the chassis and suspension redesigned to support the extra weight of the armour plating.


Land Rover will build the Range Rover Sentinel to order at its SV technical centre in Warwickshire, UK.

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