Indian Oil starts doorstep delivery of fuel in Chennai

Chennai becomes the first city in south India to have fuel delivery going for its citizens. Indian Oil recently launched doorstep delivery of fuel, only diesel for now in Chennai.  It has a mobile fuel dispenser fitted on a modified truck which can carry up to 6000 litres of Diesel at one time. The company has introduced its mobile fuel dispenser vehicles in the Tamil Nadu capital and the initiative is a first-of-its-kind in South India.

Their target customers for the initial stage is not private vehicle owners but industrial clients. They aim to offer diesel fuel with convenience to these industries for operation of machinery and generators. It is also a safer way to transport highly flammable fuel to the destinations rather than just doing so in barrels. However, safety is also the reason why petrol isn’t transported as a part of this fuel delivery initiative.

Indian oil fuel delivery truck
Indian oil fuel delivery truck


Customers looking to purchase over 2500 litres will need to have a Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) license for storage, while a minimum order of 200 litres can be placed via the Repose mobile app.

HP's fuel delivery truck

This is Indian Oil’s second city of operation of fuel delivery, It started this initiative in Pune and Hindustan Petroleum has been doing the same in Mumbai .

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