Government raises the bar for safety in 2019


ABS for 2 and 4 wheelers

The fitment of ABS was mandatory  from April 2018 for all new cars and will become mandatory for all cars on sale (including existing models) from April 2019. ABS will help in braking at high speeds, controls brake impulses sent to the brake pad from the system to ensure no skidding and more control to the driver.

Graphic display of ABS comparison
Graphic display of ABS comparison

Come July 1, 2019, all cars will have to be equipped with a driver-side airbag, a speed warning system, a seatbelt reminder for driver and co-driver, and rear parking sensors as standard.

Reverse Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors offer convenience and having it will help avoid injury or collisions which aren’t visible from the rear view mirror.  For example could be a puppy or dog behind that you cant see, now you don’t wanna be causing damage to those pure souls right?  Apart from that, sensors have started to make their way into most cars now. Offering convenience and better help while reversing and avoiding that dent on your bumper. It could be audio or video or both fitted as decided by the particular company.

Reverse parking sensors- illustration
Reverse parking sensors- illustration

Warning lights for the driver and shotgun or the front passenger will now be mandatory, not just lights, these warning lights will come with a sound as well to ensure both these front passengers are wearing their seat belts.
This commonly not seen and little known fact that without the shotgun wearing their seatbelt, the airbags wont deploy in case of an accident. So don’t try to get used to the beep alarms, rather get used to wearing the seatbelts they’re designed to protect in more than just one way.

Seat belt warning light
Seat belt warning light

Driver side Airbags

A driver-side airbag will also become mandatory on all cars in July. Airbags can drastically reduce injury in the event of a collision. These airbags deploy when the sensors which are collecting data every millionth of a second realise an impact strong enough, then deploy the airbags . However, it is a shame that the norms mandate only a driver-side airbag and not dual airbags which would have provided enhanced protection to the front-seat occupant as well.

Airbag in steering
Airbag in steering

Child Lock removal

With the recent unfortunate events related to women and their safety in cabs, Government has decided to not allow child locks in transport or commercial vehicles. This feature is meant to safeguard kids at the back from opening doors and getting themselves in danger. However, it was misused and compromised safety of women in cabs. This has led to a good decision of removing the lock for starters at least.Cars with central locking will also require a manual override, by law.

Child lock
Child lock.


Impact Tests

The impact tests carried out for new models like the offset frontal impact, full frontal impact and the side impact tests will be more stringent in terms of requirements. This stands for the cars produced after October 1, 2017. The requirements will expand in scope and will apply to all new models on sale in India from October 1, 2019. Also, new norms for pedestrian safety which are applicable for new models from October 1, 2018 will now cover all new models from 2020.

Front impact test
Front impact test

Many manufacturers have worked on strengthening their out going frameworks etc to meet the new norms or limits of testing which are given below :
New crash tests will have to happen at speeds of —

  • 48 kmph for full front impact.
  • 56 kmph with a fixed barrier for offset impact (front)
  • 50 kmph mobile barrier for side impact.
example of an offset impact
example of an offset impact.
side impact test
side impact test.

Speed warning system 

This warning system will send  alerts every 60secs when you are driving above 80kph, and then beep continuously at speeds above 120kph. The system cannot be overridden or turned off and is designed to reduce over-speeding.


We sure like the step taken to ensure sensible features being mandatory, we also hope the front passenger airbag gets compulsory as well. What other steps or features can be made mandatory to enhance safety while driving? comment below!

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