Auto Expo 2020 New Cars

What to Expect from Auto Expo 2020

Every car enthusiast waits for this day where automakers around the world show off their upcoming and concept car before the launch and shows their future plans in front of the world. The Auto Expo is back and it’s excited to see what car manufacturers has to offer since many new automakers have entered in Indian market. No wonder Auto Expo is a big spot for most of the players as the buyer will plan their car accordingly to it so they showcase all of their soon to be launched car and discuss their future plans, and if you don’t have the time to visit the Auto Expo or you think you’ve missed something don’t worry we have made a list of cars that are hot selling or are in demand with most of the buyers.

  1. Hyundai Creta Facelift

Hyundai has unveil their one of the best-selling car’s facelift the Hyundai Creta. Hyundai has made some changes to the exterior the lighting on both front and rear have been changed. The front section of the car looks more like Hyundai Venue you can say the engineer may have taken inspiration from this, the car will come with Daytime running LED, the grills changed too and the rear lighting I would say is similar to Venue. Speaking in terms of ground clearance, width and height it will come with same diameter as the current versions. And some minor changes has been done to interiors too.

Hyundai Creta New Shape


  1. Maruti Suzuki Brezza Facelift

Maruti Suzuki has listened to their customer and have given what their customers have wanted. This Maruti Suzuki Brezza facelift will come with hybrid petrol. Yes the car is coming with hybrid petrol however there is no confirmation of diesel variant. This engine is a 1.5L hybrid petrol which you’ll get the same in Maruti Suzuki Ciaz so I guess performance should be same to it. This petrol will come in automatic too with hybrid option and being a facelift the car will have some small changes both from exterior and interior. On exterior you’ll get to see new Daytime running LED, headlights, grills, Backlighting, and new alloy wheels which will be 16 inch and in interior will get some new air vents, instrument cluster, and upholstery.



  1. MG Hector

Yes you have heard it right the British car manufacturers has decide to launch a new Hector, but don’t get confused saying Hector was launched last year this time Morris Garages has decided to bring Hector with 6 seater and it’s going to be named “MG Hector Plus”. The front and bumper is similar to the Hector and speaking of dimensions it is same too nothing has been changed here, all MG did is to put one extra seat. All the seats in MG Hector Plus are cabin seats so the middle seats will have some gap between them for passengers to go in the back seats. Rest engine variant will be same, same transmissions.


  1. Skoda Superb Facelift

Skoda Superb is being launched with only petrol variants for now. The company has decided to go with petrol only for this time and if any needs arise or if they think there is a need for diesel variant they will launch it too but for now they’ll go with petrol. The exterior has been given a little touch up you’ll get some AUDI inspired Matrix like headlamps in front with daytime running LED, the fog lamps is LED too, new alloy designs, new side body designs, and in back a new tail light and instead of Skoda badge the word “SKODA” is spelled across the backside and in interior nothing. However the price hasn’t been revealed yet.



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