One Nation One Road Tax

Don’t we all know that road tax sometime comes as a deal breaker when buying a car. In India each state has a different percentage of road tax levied on the vehicles. This leads to issues where migrating families have to go through a lengthy and expensive RTO process or pay fines if caught. This same issue witnessed  from Govt. side sites trouble when expensive cars are brought from states with lesser road tax.


The  Minister of Transport, Rajasthan Yunus Khan, lead the group of Transport Ministers and proposed a uniform taxation policy in a bid to bring parity in motor vehicle tax across different states. The policy is also meant to ease transfer of vehicles across states. The committee assigned to work on the policy has been asked to submit their report.


Khan said that the uniform tax regulation will help to keep a check on tax evasions by car buyers who get their vehicles registered in a state where the road tax is less.”The group examined the taxes charged by various states and observed that the principles of taxation vary from state to state. The Central government has powers to decide the principles on which the motor vehicles taxes can be levied by the states,”  Khan said.


We think this brings about a great deal of uniformity, eases and simplifies the process and prices.
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