The Power Of Projection Headlights: Mercedes

Digital Light – Merc’s Projecting Headlamps Tech

When it’s dark outside, wouldn’t it be convenient if the road in front of you gives you all directions and street signs you need without having to look around here and there and be lost if it is a sign you haven’t come across before?

Following this, Mercedes is working on a tech called ‘Digital Light’ which can adjust brightness of the lights according to the surrounding along with projecting required directions / street sings on the road. The headlamps are made of 2 million microscopic mirrors which will not dazzle other drivers which happens when the lights are on a high beam.

It is capable of projecting a zebra crossing for pedestrians with the help of millions of pixels integrated in the system along with the algorithms, cameras and sensors which analyse the vehicle’s surroundings. These lamps would give you the required directions and street signs as and when required. It can also help you gauge the width of the car when you are squeezing into a narrow space or fill in missing lines, if any, along the road.

This would particularly be helpful if you are navigating in foreign surroundings and come across unfamiliar street signs. If the sings are missing, the lamps project the concerned one for you. Moreover, it would be able to interact with other cars on the road in the future as enhancements take place in this tech. Mercedes is already conducting experiments on a test fleet, however, when this technology would be available to public is not known.merc-projecting-headlights_1


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