Audi E Tron on track for India launch

One of the most awaited offering from Audi, is said to be on schedule after a struggle of its own to get itself to the Indian shores. We’re talking about the electric car from Audi, the Audi E-tron.  It has been in the pipeline for an India launch. However, Audi’s first electric model has not had it easy going so far, being plagued by multiple production delays. Audi has reportedly had issues with battery supply and production has been scaled back. In turn, buyers in markets abroad are faced with a longer wait, by up to six months, to get their E-trons.

The Audi E - Tron
The Audi E – Tron

Given the SUV’s estimated Rs 1.5 crore ex-showroom price point and its niche battery-powered status, Audi anticipates limited demand for the model in India and will have enough stock to meet our market’s requirements. The model will primarily be a technology demonstrator in India, targeted at early adopters.

E Tron rear
E Tron rear

The Etron is a five-seat SUV that sits between the Q5 and Q7 in terms of size, the E-tron has a total of 408 hp and 664 Nm of torque from  two  electric motors, a 125kW at the front and 140kw at the rear, that provide all-wheel-drive.  A claimed 0-100kph in 5.5sec (at fill power in boost mode), and goes on to a top speed of 200kph.


Charging of the 95kWh battery pack is done via regenerative braking tech and a wall charger. The E-tron can charge to 80 percent of the  capacity within 30min via a DC fast-charger or through a home AC current with either a 230V or a faster 400V system.

ETron charging point
ETron charging point

While Audi claims a range of about 400km (on the WLTP test cycle).

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